Bring Your Own Special Vintage

Bring your own special vintage during January 2018 at the Harbour Heights Hotel, Sandbanks.

Enjoy your own wine FREE of corkage charges for the entire month of January 2018. Upon arrival, we can professionally decant and serve to you during your meal.

Somewhere hidden under the stairs, or in your cellar, are you harbouring a top growth Bordeaux or elegant, smoky Burgundy? And the perfect occasion is holding you back from pulling the cork? I think this may be your opportunity…

Throughout January 2018, the Harbour Heights Hotel welcomes diners to bring their own bottle of wine to be enjoyed with cuisine created by our Head Chef, Loic Gratadoux, and served by our well trained team.

Decanters will be ready for wines needing decanting and ice-buckets filled with ice for people who prefer a glass of white with our local fish dishes.

To book a table in restaurant, call 01202 707 272

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