Chinese Wedding Banquet

Please choose from the following menu:
1st Course: 4 x appetizers
2nd Course: Crispy duck pancake
3rd Course: 3 x main courses
4th Course: 1 x dessert


1. Gourmet Combinations of Four Delicacies

(Minimum of two people)

2. Imperial Mixed Seafood Hors D’Oeuvres 

(Minimum of two people)

3. Szechuan Style Deep Fried Shredded Smoked Chicken

4. Shredded Chicken served with Fresh Lettuce 

6. Crispy Pancake Rolls (2) 

7. Crispy Seaweed

8. Vegetarian Pancake Rolls (6) 

9. Moo Shu’ Pork served with Pancakes 

10. Garlic Salt & Chilli Spare Ribs

11. Spare Ribs Peking Style 

12. Barbecued Pork Spare Ribs 

13. Steamed King Prawns with Fresh Garlic Sauce 

14. Deep Fried Prawns, Sesame Seeds on Toast 

15. Grilled Pork Dumplings Peking Style 

16. Butterfly Prawns in Breadcrumbs 

17. Stir Fried Squid Curls with Garlic Salt & Chilli 

18. Steamed Fresh Scallop in Shell (1) 

19. Satay Chicken on a Bamboo Skewer (4) 

20. Satay Prawns on a Bamboo Skewer (4) 

21. Prawn Crackers 

22. Mixed Seafood Lettuce Wrapped Parcel 

23. Crispy Lamb Lettuce Wrapped Parcel 

24. Garlic Salt & Chilli Prawns 



26. Sweetcorn & Crab Meat Soup 

27. Sweetcorn & Chicken Soup 

28. Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup 

29. Chicken & Mushrooms Soup

30. Chicken & Noodles Soup

31. Mixed Vegetables Soup


Duck Dishes

32. Whole Crispy Aromatic Duck

33. Half Crispy Aromatic Duck

34. Quarter Crispy Aromatic Duck

Served with Hoisin Sauce, Cucumber, Spring Onions & Pancakes

35. Twice Cooked Duck with Pepper& Chinese Leaf in a Spicy Bean Sauce

36. Fried Duck Slices with Ginger & Pineapple

37. Fried Shredded Duck with Spring Onions

38. Fried Shredded Duck with Beansprouts Cantonese Style

39. Fried Duck with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce


Seafood Dishes

40. Baked Fresh Lobster with Ginger & Spring Onions

41. Baked Fresh Lobster in a Spicy Black Bean Sauce

42. Steamed Sea Bass in a Spicy Black Bean Sauce

43. Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger & Spring Onions

44. Sweet & Sour Fish Fillets

46. ‘Sea Spicy’ Prawns Szechuan Style with Bamboo Shoots & Cloud Ear Fungus in Spicy Sauce

47. Curried King Prawns

48. Fried Prawns with Seasonal Greens

49. Fried Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onions

50. Kung Po Prawns with Water Chestnuts in Sweet Chilli Sauce

51. Fried Prawns with Black Pepper Sauce

52. Sweet & Sour Prawns

53. Stir Fried Prawns with Chilli & Garlic Salt

54. Fried Prawns with Green Pepper & Chilli in Black Bean Sauce

55. Fried Prawns with Cashew Nuts Cantonese Style

56. Fried Prawns with White Mushrooms

57. Fried Scallops with Green Peppers& Chilli in Black Bean Sauce

58. ‘Sea Spicy’ Scallops Szechuan Style

59. Fried Scallops with Seasonal Greens

60. Baked Squid with Chilli & Garlic Salt

61. Fried Squid with Seasonal Greens

62. ‘Sea Spicy’ Squid Szechuan Style


Chicken Dishes

63. Curried Chicken

64. Szechuan ‘Sea Spicy’ Chicken with Bamboo Shoots & Cloud Ear Fungus in Spicy Garlic Sauce

65. Chicken in Satay Sauce

66. Diced Chicken & Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce

67. Kung Po Chicken in Sweet & Chilli Sauce

68. Chicken Supreme in Lemon Delight

69. Chicken with Green Pepper & Chilli in Black Bean Sauce

70. Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce Hong Kong Style

71. Chicken with White Mushrooms

72. Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

73. Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts Cantonese Style


Lamb Dishes

74. Crispy Mongolian Lamb in Spicy Sauce

75. Sliced Lamb with Spring Onions

76. Szechuan ‘Sea Spicy’ Lamb

77. Curried Lamb

78. Sliced Lamb with Green Pepper & Chilli in Black Bean Sauce

79. Sliced Lamb in Satay Sauce


Beef Dishes

101. Curried Beef

102. Deep Fried Shredded Beef in Chilli Sauce

103. Szechuan ‘Sea Spicy’ Beef with Bamboo Shoots &  Cloud Ear Fungus in Spicy Garlic Sauce

104. Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce

105. Beef with Ginger & Spring Onions

106. Sliced Beef with Black Pepper Sauce

107. Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce

108. Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce


Pork Dishes

109. Curried Pork

110. Sweet & Sour Pork Peking Style

111. Diced Pork with Cashew Nuts

112. Sliced Roast Pork with Seasonal Vegetables

113. Pork Szechuan Style cooked with Pepper & Spicy Hot Chilli


Bean Curd Dishes

114. Braised Bean Curd cooked with Shredded Pork & Chinese Mushrooms

115. Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce (v)

116. Baked Bean Curd with Garlic Salt & Chilli (v)


Special Vegetable Dishes

117. Spiced Aubergine (v)

118. Broccoli in Black Pepper Sauce (v)

119. Lo-Han Monk’s Vegetables (v)

120. Stir Fried Beansprouts (v)

121. Fried Mixed Vegetables (v)

122. White Mushrooms (v)

123. Choi Sum 

124. Pak Choi (v)


Rice & Noodle Dishes

125. Special Fried Rice with Prawns, Chicken & Roast Pork

126. King Prawns Fried Rice

127. Chicken Fried Rice

128. Beef Fried Rice 

129. Egg Fried Rice

130. Plain Boiled Rice

131. Special Fried Noodles with Prawns, Chicken & Roast Pork

132. Crispy Fried Noodles with Mixed Meats

133. King Prawns Fried Noodles

134. Chicken Fried Noodles

135. Beef Fried Noodles

136. Plain Fried Noodles with Beansprouts

137. Singapore Style Fried Noodles (Spicy Hot)


This menu is an example, prices and menu are subject to change without notice.

If you have concerns about food allergies or intolerances, please ask a staff member before ordering your food or drink.