Chocolate and Molecular Demonstration with Mark Tilling and Chris Godfrey

FJB Hotel’s Chefs enjoyed a fantastic ‘Chocolate and Molecular Demonstration’ with Mark Tilling and Chris Godfrey.

Mark Tilling, Master Chocolatier and 2016 winner of televised ‘Creme de la Creme, Bake Off’ and Michelin starred chef, Chris Godfrey, provided a sensational chocolate demonstration at ‘Cook at Purewell’ based in Christchurch. Chefs flooded the audience to see them creating delicious desserts.

The event hosts, Country Fare, quoted, “At Country Fare, we are always looking for fresh thinking ways to engage personally with chefs. As part of our passion for food we believe that the education in product knowledge, skills and technique is the key to progression and innovation in the industry. The Country Fare ‘Chef Days Out’ are designed to nurture the thirst for knowledge and the development of chefs, in turn helping other businesses grow”.

FJB Hotels attendees included:
Loic Gratadoux (Executive Head Chef, Harbour Heights Hotel)
Simon Braz (Head Chef, Chine Hotel)
Tim Gower (Head Pastry Chef, Haven Hotel)

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