Raising money for the Dorset Rape Crisis Support

FJB Hotel’s donates £459 to the Dorset Rape Crisis centre, located in Poole. This donation will pay for the travel expenses of young survivors to visit the centre, and a bite to eat when they arrive.

With the help of all our staff and generous guests, we’ve helped make a difference to the lives of many young people in our local area through Cash For Kids, supported by local radio station Wave 105. In 2015 we raised £22,000 and here’s one of the charities we’ve helped in 2016.

Lauren Ward, of the Dorset Rape Crisis Support centre, says “the importance of these seemingly small contributions cannot be overestimated. It is a major concern of the charity that some of our younger beneficiaries cannot always attend the designated place for their session; and that they may not have eaten and therefore cannot concentrate on engaging. The welfare fund enables these children to travel free of charge and independently from their foster, or care homes, to arrive on their own terms and take charge of that part of their lives and start recovery.”

Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre offers emotional and practical support to survivors of rape, sexual violence, abuse, and/or exploitation. In January 2015 they expanded their service provision to children and young people aged 4-18 years, but found that many of these children could not attend their designated session due to lack of transportation. The FJB Hotels donated will ensure that money will not be a barrier to accessing such vital services, and that all young people who attend these sessions have FREE travel and something to eat during their counselling.

By opting to add £1 to your room rate upon check out can really make a difference to a child’s life.

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