Hello, Dorset

With its year-round temperate climate, our glorious stretch of Dorset’s historic coastline sees more sunny days and less rain than much of the UK, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Our hotels are a stone’s throw from the uninterrupted seven-mile stretch of award-winning beach, which with its soft golden sand and clear sea beckons our guests to explore.

The world-famous Jurassic Coast also sits on our doorstep, with Old Harry Rocks faithfully overlooking our peninsula hotels. And when you don your walking boots to explore, you’ll see why the Jurassic Coast ranks as a wonder of the natural world, alongside the Great Barrier Reef and Grand Canyon.

Then there’s the abundance of gardens and chines flanking our hotels. Continuing along the clifftop from the Sandbanks Peninsula to Boscombe Pier, these shady retreats are bursting with evergreen trees, vibrant flowers and meandering pathways.

And for a spot of retail therapy, Bournemouth town centre is just a few miles away. With its beautiful gardens, golden beach and much-loved pier, it’s a pretty setting for high street shopping.

To get a glimpse of one of the best air festivals in the world, stick around for the Bournemouth Air Festival. With the Red Arrows creating jaw-dropping formations, live music and impressive fireworks displays, it’s not surprising this exciting festival attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Venture out of town to Burley in the New Forest. This quaint village has a dark side of witchery, smuggling and even dragon folklore. With picturesque thatched cottages, roaming ponies and enchanting witchy gift shops, explore a village that’s seemingly untouched by time.

With so many gems on our doorstep, you can see why we love the South Coast so much. We hope that once you’ve done some exploring, you’ll whole-heartedly agree!

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