Raising money for Christchurch Activities for Young People

FJB Hotel’s donates £3,200 to Christchurch Activities for Young People to fund transport and activity costs to help take the young people on a couple of trips per term.


  • With the help of all our staff and generous guests, we’ve helped make a difference to the lives of many young people in our local area through Cash For Kids, supported by local radio station Wave 105. In 2017 we raised £20,071 and here’s one of the charities we’ve helped in 2018.
  • Christchurch Activities for Young People was set up in May 2016 following funding cuts which led to the closure of a number of youth groups run by the council. The club caters to hundreds of children in the Christchurch area, who live in a pocket of extreme deprivation.
  • The team at the activity centre work extremely hard to develop a solid supporting relationship with the young people, through social and recreational activities. This relationship allows the leaders to motivate and encourage their young people to take on more active leadership roles and activities which have a tremendous effect on their futures, as well as allowing them to support the children through challenges such as a difficult home life, literacy struggles, poor mental health and other issues.
  •  We, alongside with our fantastic guest donations, have provided a grant of £3,200 to fund transport and activity costs to help take the young people on a couple of trips per term. These trips help to build that important supporting relationship, as well as taking the children out of the environment of deprivation and low attainment to show them other outcomes and paths for the future.
  • A wonderful surprise awaited Christchurch Activities for Young People when FJB Hotels and Wave 105 visited the team to discuss their funding proposals however unknown to them FJB Hotels had already performed a significant analysis on the charity and decided this was indeed a fantastic cause. A cheque for a staggering £3,200 was presented to Christchurch Activities for Young People – much to their delight!

By opting to add £1 to your room rate upon check out can really make a difference to a child’s life.

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