Raising money for Safe Partnership

FJB Hotel’s donates £3,160 to Safe Partnership charity to fund 4,000 information packs. These packs aim to prevent the young people of today becoming victims of violence and abuse in the future, or become perpetrators themselves.


  • With the help of all our staff and generous guests, we’ve helped make a difference to the lives of many young people in our local area through Cash For Kids, supported by local radio station Wave 105. In 2017 we raised £20,071 and here’s one of the charities we’ve helped in 2018.
  • Safe Partnership is a national charity that has been assisting victims of violence and crime, especially domestic abuse since 1987. Their workshops are interactive and informal, using music and videos to discuss the issues affecting young people today.
  • At the end of every session Safe Partnership provides a pack with information on where the young people can get further help and advice. FJB Hotels donation of £3,160 will fund 4,000 information packs to be handed out at the end of every session. These packs include information leaflets on the warning signs of domestic violence, safety plans to help themselves or friends they suspect are victims of domestic violence, and a couple of ‘goodies’ like a pencil and a ruler, to encourage the young people to look inside the pack in the first place.
  • A wonderful surprise awaited Safe Partnership when FJB Hotels and Wave 105 visited the team to discuss their funding proposals however unknown to them FJB Hotels had already performed a significant analysis on the charity and decided this was indeed a fantastic cause. A cheque for a staggering £3,160 was presented to Safe Partnership – much to their delight!



By opting to add £1 to your room rate upon check out can really make a difference to a child’s life.

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