Plunge into Poole

Plunge into Poole’s hidden history

There’s something incredibly magical – and unique – about Poole. A heady mix of old and new, this quirky quayside town melds ancient buildings, cobbled streets and salt-washed fishing boats with luxury Sunseeker yachts, boutique shopping and alfresco dining.


Enjoy the silky sand of Poole’s Blue Flag beaches, or explore the magic and mystery of its stunning natural harbour – the largest of its kind in Europe. With its eight luscious islands and pretty peninsula, this watery wonderland is animated with sailors, wildlife and watersports, all year round.

With its olde fisherman’s cottages, quaint fishing boats and kids’ crabbing lines, it isn’t hard to imagine Poole Quay once awash with beer-swilling sea captains and pirates. The renowned Harry Paye was one such privateer, who in the 15th Century charmed locals by sharing his overseas loot! The iconic ‘Old Harry Rocks’ bear his name as a tribute to the pirate and his wife – she being the smaller of the two, of course

You can delve further into history at the Poole Museum, which houses a 10-metre Iron Age logboat – the largest ever found in southern Britain and dated to around 295 BC! Discovered close to one of the harbour’s islands in 1964, this ancient artifact is one of the few prehistoric logboats in existence.

Whether you explore the island-studded bay or lose yourself in the hidden treasures of the Old Town, Poole is a spellbinding and unique destination for all ages

To discover Poole further why not visit The Watersports Academy who hire bikes from The Sandbanks Hotel and offer luxury sailing trips around the Poole Harbour and along the Jurassic coastline.


The Watersports Academy



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