Why We Love Local

We love local fish at The Point restaurant, especially when it comes to fine dining. Buying the finest fish that we know has been responsibly and sustainably sourced from local waters is one of our top priorities at FJB Hotels.

With the sea all around us, we’re able to keep the nautical miles our fish travel to a minimum, which means our diners experience the freshest local catches possible. So if you glimpse the fishing trawlers going out in the morning, you can bet they’ll return with seafood for our tables.

Over the years we’ve developed a close relationship with local fishermen, who supply us with the very best quality and responsibly sourced seafood. Recently, Executive Head Chef at the Haven Hotel, Jason Hornbuckle had the honour of going fishing with local Lobster trawler, Tom Russell to discover why we love local.

Read the full article including Jason’s delicious lobster recipe in FJB Coastline Magazine 2016.


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